Personal Note

My personal mission is to ignite the magic that happens when we recognize our interconnectedness. It’s about realizing that what I have, I wish for all. This belief drives me to revolutionize the way we approach business, advocating for a shift towards holistic thinking that benefits everyone.

Growing up surrounded by division, I’ve seen how it permeates every aspect of society. But I refuse to accept that separation is our truth. We are all part of the same energy, connected in ways we’re only beginning to understand. It’s time to unlearn the false narratives and embrace our birthright of abundance.

At the core of my mission is the belief that true greatness is achieved together, not by a select few. I am committed to empowering individuals and organizations to tap into their full potential, challenging the status quo every step of the way.

With The Pink Walnut, I am dedicated to uplifting humanity within organizations. It’s not a journey for the faint-hearted; we’re breaking new ground and challenging conventional wisdom. But for those bold enough to join us, the rewards are boundless.

Let’s play the new game together. Let’s unlock potential never tapped before and be the game changers the world needs. Together, we can create a future where success is measured not by individual wealth, but by the collective well-being of all, including personal wealth that one desires. Much love, Elsbeth

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At The Pink Walnut, we’re not just another consultancy – we’re your trusted partner in bringing your boldest visions to life. How do we do it? By seamlessly integrating the proven principles of universal laws, spirituality, and quantum physics into practical strategies and implementation tailored to your unique needs.

What sets us apart? We believe in keeping things refreshingly simple, practical, and deeply personal as well as result driven. Your success is our top priority, and we’re committed to delivering lasting ROI that exceeds your expectations.

With a global presence spanning organizations of all types and sizes, we bring a wealth of experience to the table in the areas of leadership, teambuilding, communication, mindset and engagement. We understand the daily challenges you face as a leader or business owner, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

One of our unique offerings is access to Elsbeth’s claircognizant abilities – a valuable resource for enhancing impact, increasing revenue, and improving communication within your organization.

Working with us is straightforward and efficient. We operate as a lean, no-nonsense firm, prioritizing personalized service over extravagant overheads nor fancy offices. You pay for result, not for time. 

How we come to a deal:

Initial Consultation Call: We want to understand what piqued your interest in our services and how we can assist you. This initial conversation sets the foundation for our collaboration.

In-Person Meeting: Once we’ve established a mutual interest, we’ll arrange an in-person meeting with the key stakeholders involved. This allows us to delve deeper into your needs and ensures we’re on the same page.

Tailored Summation of Conceptual Agreement: Based on our conversations, we’ll develop a tailored strategy and implementation designed specifically to meet your requirements. This strategy will be clear, concise, and aligned with your goals and includes pricing options.

Decision Time: Before proceeding, we require a clear confirmation from you that you’re ready to move forward. Simultaneously, we’ll ensure that we’re equally enthusiastic with a resounding “Hell YES!”. 

Our approach is simple, transparent, and focused on delivering tangible results. Choose The Pink Walnut for a partnership built on trust, expertise, and a relentless commitment to your success. Together, let’s unlock the full potential of your vision and co-workers, and propel your organization to new heights of excellence.