New Era Leadership Development.


That’s our speciality. No more programs based upon decades old material. We create a completely new experience for leaders.


As soon as you put less effort and time in spreadsheets, slide decks and KPI’s and instead put more effort into speaking yourself into being, a new era leader, reality changes. Fast. 


Our programs focus on inreasing connections (in person and in brain), conversation and consciousness. It’s for leaders who seek an exciting new path in which vision and executing of this vision is central. It’s for leaders who are eager for a new experience easily to implement in their daily practice.


Why The Pink Walnut?


We uniquely bridge the science of universal laws, spirituality and quantum physics to create BOLD VISIONS into reality.
We keep it SIMPLE, PRACTICAL and personal.
We highly value your LASTING ROI when choosing us.
We work GLOBALLY in a variety of organisations in type and size.
We know your daily practice and struggles.
You can make use of Elsbeth’s claircognizant abilities to increase and improve impact, revenue and communication.


What we do…

Workshops, courses and masterclasses for C-level / +1 leaders.
Implementation of and guidance in transformation/change projects.

Individual & team business mentoring and coaching for C-level / +1.
Restructuring HR departments and Interim HR consultancy.


Also, Elsbeth loves giving inspiring and innovative lectures at social and business events about the Mind, Harruk and New Era Leadership.


Let’s connect!  

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When is it useful to mail? When you are a leader searching for lasting development tools, are eager to build the organisation of the future, when you would like coaching or mentoring or in case your HR department needs restructuring. 

Pleased to meet you!

Elsbeth van Lienden | Owner The Pink Walnut
Leader, Author, Lead Consultant, Speaker, Executive Coach/Mentor