Organisational Advice in Tech companies


We understand the need of CEO’s and management teams for an objective, practical, clear, innovative, trustworthy and bold sounding board. 


Sometimes you need to validate your thoughts and ideas. Sometimes you just want someone to listen carefully so you can organize your mind. Sometimes you need practical help how to deal in certain leadership or communication situations.

Whatever the situation, you need advice fast and you want to count on a return on investment – in time, money, effectiveness, less stress or hassle, peace of mind. 


That’s what we deliver. Bespoke, triggering, provocative when required.
Our overarching focus is human performance, communication and effectiveness of processes. Most of our clients prefer to work with us on an advisory bases and when implementing projects, their own staff is in the lead.


We are committed to your success!


Elsbeth van Lienden
Owner The Pink Walnut | Consultancy Boutique
Trusted Advisor – Author – Speaker – Executive & Business Mentor



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We work with decision makers and business owners who understand external organisational advice will help them grow faster and smarter. For it is simply not possible to propel change with existing teams, or even with the management team that created the unwanted situation in the first place.  When you need legal advice, you hire a lawyer; financial advice? A financial advisor. Organisational advice? The Pink Walnut. A variety of (tech) companies worldwide make use of our services. Please see below some of the case studies, which understandably are without names because we value our clients privacy. 

Eplan and The Pink Walnut engaged in an advisory relationship with a senior manager new to the role. During a six month period, the manager improved the executive presence, communication skills and changed the mindset into an entrepreneurial way of thinking and acting.
The manager felt more confident, people listened and team output improved and was happy with the innovative ideas and simple and practical input. 

The Pink Walnut engaged in a consultant role to improve team efficiency and guide the organisational change which many people were reluctant towards. Some reactions: Thanks for bringing the highly required fresh winds in the organisation. Thanks for guiding me in this difficult sitation with the employee, it really made a difference. Thanks, you have definitely brought it to a new base that we can build upon.

A business owner asked The Pink Walnut to step in as an advisor / mentor to change the mindset of an employee mindset towards entrepreurial mindset so to be able to create a new and lasting fundament for the organisation. Only four weeks in, the owner reported major shifts in awareness, stopping ineffective behaviour and changing mindset in the moment when required. Which leads to better usage of time, stopping procrastination and altering the business model towards less work and more profit.